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A formal collaborative governance environment is being deployed. It empowers key stakeholders to make informed decisions and provide input into the project as required, and allows other key stakeholders to be consulted and informed of the decisions as appropriate.

There is some cross membership of groups to bridge communications across key stakeholders.


Upcoming key decisionfeedback and approval dates


DateFeedback / endorsement required

Product owner/stakeholders to decide on first lab dev user stories for implementation in Feb-14

Product owner/stakeholders to make key decisions about current user feedback to inform next iteration of wireframes

20 to 25-Jan-14Viveka to promote wireframes for wider community feedback

Team, sub-group of EDG/TWG, and Strategic Data to define transformation pipeline enhancements

Product owner/stakeholders and Strategic Data to scope the labs advanced search for implementation



Previous key decisionfeedback and approval dates

DateFeedback / endorsement required

TWG feedback on the live harvest data feed technical solutions [D3a],

TWG feedback on the set of tools that form the 'harvest and transformation pipeline' [D4], and HuNI data service [D5] pre alignment to the HuNI data model

4-Dec-13EDG feedback on the HuNI data model [D2]
12-Dec-13EAG written feedback/support on both the data model and data aggregate service developments
18-Dec-13Steering Committee endorsement (sign-off) of both the data model and data aggregate service, thereby securing both upcoming funding milestones ($200,000)

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